Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Then Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel and Joshua son of Jozadak set to work to rebuild the house of God in Jerusalem. And the prophets of God were with them, supporting them. (Ezra 5:2)

God put a dream in Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. The whole city had been destroyed, and he came back from exile and laid the foundation for the temple.

But some people were against him and got a decree from the Persian king that forced him to stop. Month after month, even year after year, imagine him seeing the empty foundation and thinking it would never happen.

But years later, the prophet Zechariah showed up and said in effect, “Begin again.” He was saying, “It may look dead, and people are against you, but if you begin again, if you start believing again, if you start working again, it’s still coming to pass.”

Zerubbabel came to a destiny moment where God was saying it was his time, and he said yes and made it happen.

This is a destiny moment for you. God is saying, “What’s not completed in your life, dreams that haven’t worked out, begin again. This is your time.”

Prayer for Today

Father, thank You for the dreams You put in my heart. Thank You that You’ve equipped me and empowered me to accomplish all of Your promises, even the ones that look dead.

I believe that this is a destiny moment for me, and it’s time to rise up and begin again. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Monday, August 09, 2021

“God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?” (Numbers 23:19)

If you’re spending more time talking about your problems than you are about God’s promises, that’s out of balance. The Scripture says, “God watches over His Word to perform it.”

It doesn’t say God watches over our complaints or our begging, “God, please, this isn’t fair. You have to turn this around.”

Yes, He’s concerned and sees the wrongs, but what moves Him to act is when He hears you speak His Word. It’s very powerful when you switch over to thanking Him for what He’s promised.

Make a list of what God has promised you and put it on your phone, your bathroom mirror, and your computer, and all through the day put Him in remembrance.

God has never failed in the past, and He’s not going to start with you. It may not happen your way or on your timetable, but God is true to His Word. When you’re constantly saying, “God, You promised,” that’s what allows Him to bring promises to pass.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that You promised You would do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what I can imagine.

Thank You that You have never failed to be true to Your Word and fulfill Your promises. I believe You are watching over Your Word to perform it in my life. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?” “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a small jar of olive oil.” (2 Kings 4:2)

The poor widow in 2 Kings 4 was desperate. Things were so bad that not only could she not pay her bills, but the creditors were coming to take her two sons as payment.

When she said she had nothing at all, she was saying, “It’s too late. I’m done.” What good was the small jar of olive oil in the light of her huge debt?

Yet when she obeyed Elisha’s word to get containers and pour a little oil in them, the miracle happened and the oil kept flowing.

Don’t discount the small thing you have—small opportunities, small income, small gifts. It may seem too small, but God knows how to multiply.

God doesn’t expect us to have great faith all the time, but He expects us to obey. When tough times come and you think it’s impossible, just say, “God, all I have is this little bit of oil, but I’m here to obey.” Then watch what God will do.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that You are the true and living God, and You reward those who honor You. Thank You that my obedience can never earn Your blessing, but it can lead to it. I believe that when I am doing the right thing You will reward me with favor. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Saturday, August 07, 2021

“But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13)

Sometimes we wonder why the challenges we’re facing are not changing. We’re being our best, but nothing is improving. A principle of Scripture says that he who endures to the end will be saved.

We have to outlast the opposition. Don’t worry about defeating it because if we just outlast it, we’re going to see the victory. God is going to defeat what’s trying to hold us back. We keep honoring God with an attitude of faith, and we won’t have to fight.

God will move the wrong people out of the way. He’ll open a door that we couldn’t open. Outlast the sickness, outlast the injustice, outlast the trouble at work, outlast the loneliness.

In the Scripture, David spent years fleeing from King Saul before he was made king over Judah. David never defeated Saul; he simply outlasted him. We have to tap into that staying power.

Don’t give up along the way. Don’t get discouraged because it’s taking longer than we thought. Our time is coming.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the promise that if I keep honoring You with an attitude of enduring faith, You will bring me through to victory.

Thank You that I can tap into staying power to outlast whatever is coming against me. I believe that my time is coming. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Friday, August 06, 2021

She had heard the reports concerning Yeshua, and she came up behind Him in the throng and touched His garment, for she kept saying, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health. (Mark 5:27–28)

The lady in Mark 5 had been sick for twelve years with a bleeding disorder. She had gone to the best doctors, tried different medicines, but nothing worked. She could have thought, “I’ll never get well. I’ll have to learn to live with it.”

No, deep down she knew she was supposed to be healthy. One day when she heard that Yeshua was passing through her town, she was filled with expectancy.

She started making her way through the crowd, and she said it again and again, “Healing is coming. Restoration is coming. Favor is coming.”

When she touched the edge of His robe, she was made whole immediately.

When we live with expectancy, that gets God’s attention. When we go out each day saying, “God, I believe I’m going to see dreams come to pass, promises fulfilled, relationships restored, and a new level of my destiny,” we’re releasing our faith as this lady did.

Our faith can stop God in His tracks.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that my faith and expectancy can open the way for You to do amazing things. I am reaching out and touching You by faith today.

I believe that You are making a way, that things are changing in my favor, and that victory will be mine. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Thursday, August 05, 2021

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13)

All throughout the Scripture, we see that God blesses an attitude of honor. In Exodus, it says that when we honor our parents, we are promised long life.

In Proverbs, it says that when we pursue righteousness, we will find life, prosperity, and honor. To show honor simply means that you give respect and recognition to others with your attitude, actions, and words.

As we humble ourselves and give honor, we will reap a harvest of honor in our lives in return.

Today, let us recognize it as a time when we honor all the brave men and women who have given their lives in service of God. As we remember them, let’s honor the gift of love they have given us by saying thank you with our actions and choosing to love and honor others.

Let’s pray for God’s peace, protection, and provision over every area of their lives.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the men and women who have given their lives in your service and spreading the good news across the world. Thank You that You are with them wherever they go. Help them to be strong and courageous and to know Your peace that passes understanding. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Get Your Hopes Up (Psalm 42:5)

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

David had seen God’s blessing and favor in amazing ways. You might think he’d never have a down period, but that’s not the case. We’re all tempted to be discouraged, to live defeated and not feel like going on.

When we feel that way, we have to talk to ourselves as David did and say, “I am not going to let feelings rule my life or let these negative thoughts keep playing. I’m getting my hopes up. God’s plans for me are for good, and He will bring me out of this dry place.”

We walked into the dry place, and the good news is that we can walk out. God didn’t create us to go around dry, discouraged, and dragging through the day. He created us to enjoy life, not just endure it.

There may be some things wrong in our lives, but there’s a lot more right than there is wrong. Start by being grateful for what’s right in our lives today and declare our hope in God.

A Prayer for Today

Father, thank You for being the God who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Help me shake off any of the blahs of this moment and fix my hopes in You.

I declare that I will be grateful for everything that is right in my life and give You praise. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Weigh the Cost (Hebrews 12:17)

Watch out for the Esau syndrome: trading away God’s lifelong gift in order to satisfy a short-term appetite. You well know how Esau later regretted that impulsive act and wanted God’s blessing–but by then it was too late, tears or no tears.

In Genesis 25, Esau came in from the fields famished. He begged his brother, Jacob, to give him some of the stew he’d made, which gave Jacob an opportunity to take advantage of him.

Jacob said, “Trade me your birthright for it.” As the firstborn son, Esau would receive a double portion of his father’s inheritance, which made the birthright extremely valuable.

Esau said, “What good will the birthright do me if I starve to death?” He chose to satisfy a short-term appetite and be happy in that moment, but it cost him a lifetime blessing.

When we let our feelings rule us–what we want and feel in the moment–we never make good decisions. Our flesh says it’s okay to compromise in our business if it’s an easy way to get ahead, or it’s okay to be unfaithful in a relationship if it feels good.

Our decisions in those defining moments will determine how high we rise. Shall we do the right thing when it’s hard?

A Prayer for Today

Father, thank You that down at the foundation of my life I can be a person of integrity, someone who’s true to You no matter what. Help me not to let my feelings rule and lead me into compromises.

I will not let short-term desires keep me from Your lifetime blessings. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

Monday, August 02, 2021

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. (Proverbs 1:5)

When we see people who are more successful and more blessed than us, it’s easy to get jealous, try to compete, discredit them, and talk about what they’re doing wrong and how they’re not talented.

Here’s a key: If you can’t celebrate other people’s success, you will never get to where they are. If you get jealous and try to outperform them, or if you’re intimidated by them, you’ll get stuck. It’s a test.

God brings these favor connections across our path. Are you secure enough in who you are to honor them, to learn from them, to cheer them on, or will your pride keep you from connecting with their favor?

Don’t be small-minded. Swallow your pride and sow respect into that supervisor or colleague who’s really talented. God put them there as a favor connection.

As you connect to them, new doors and new levels will open for you. New talents will come out. They are instrumental in you reaching the fullness of your destiny.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You for the people whom You’ve brought into my life to recognize, to respect, and to connect with.

Help me to be wise and honor them, sow into them, learn from them, and partner with them. I believe that You are taking me higher. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Sunday, August 01, 2021

The sun was rising as Jacob left Peniel, and he was limping because of the injury to his hip.(Genesis 32:31)

Jacob’s story in the Scripture records many self-inflicted wounds. He was a liar and deceiver, which caused him much heartache. Later in life, he got tired of living like that, so he decided to get alone with God.

The angel of the Lord showed up disguised as a man and began to wrestle with Jacob. It went on all night. Jacob held on to him and said, “I’m not going to let you go until you bless me.” The angel gave him his blessing, but after the struggle, Jacob walked with a limp.

We can have a limp from a past failure or mistake and still be blessed and go on to do great things. So often we think our limp limits us. But the limp can be your testimony.

It can be a reminder of the pain, or it can be a reminder of the grace of God and what He brought us through. We are forgiven and redeemed. Be at peace with our limp.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, thank You that You don’t write us off or abandon us when we wound ourselves with mistakes and failures.

Thank You that You wrestle with me and forgive me and bless me. I believe that any limp or scar from my past is a testimony to Your grace. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen

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