Thursday, January 21, 2021

Reading (Hebrews 7:25 –28; 8:6)

[25] and consequently, he is totally able to deliver those who approach God through him; since he is alive forever and thus forever able to intercede on their behalf.

[26] This is the kind of cohen gadol that meets our need — holy, without evil, without stain, set apart from sinners and raised higher than the heavens; [27] one who does not have the daily necessity, like the other cohanim g’dolim, of offering up sacrifices first for their own sins and only then for those of the people; because he offered one sacrifice, once and for all, by offering up himself.

[28] For the Torah appoints as cohanim g’dolim men who have weakness; but the text which speaks about the swearing of the oath, a text written later than the Torah, appoints a Son who has been brought to the goal forever.

[8:1] Here is the whole point of what we have been saying: we do have just such a cohen gadol as has been described. And he does sit at the right hand of HaG’dulah in heaven.

[2] There he serves in the Holy Place, that is, in the true Tent of Meeting, the one erected not by human beings but by Adonai.

[3] For every cohen gadol is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices; so this cohen gadol too has to have something he can offer. [4] Now if he were on earth, he wouldn’t be a cohen at all, since there already are cohanim offering the gifts required by the Torah.

[5] But what they are serving is only a copy and shadow of the heavenly original; for when Moshe was about to erect the Tent, God warned him, “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern you were shown on the mountain.”  

[6] But now the work Yeshua has been given to do is far superior to theirs, just as the covenant he mediates is better. For this covenant has been given as Torah on the basis of better promises.

Gospel (Mark 3.7-12)

[7] Yeshua went off with his talmidim to the lake, and great numbers followed him from the Galil. [8] When they heard what he was doing, great numbers also followed him from Y’hudah, Yerushalayim, Idumea, the territory beyond the Yarden, and the Tzor-Tzidon area.

[9] He told his talmidim to have a boat ready for him, so that he could escape the crush of the crowd if necessary, [10] for he had healed many people, and all the sick kept pressing forward to touch him.

[11] Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they would fall down in front of him and scream, “You are the Son of God!” [12] But he warned them strictly not to make him known.

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