Friday, May 01, 2020

Are you baffled? Are you stressed in your career? Is your family going through a tough path? Remember, with God, there are millions of ways to come out of your worries.  In the Bible, we read that when the Israelites asked food, God sent manna from the Heaven.  When they asked water, He caused waters to gush out of the rock! He even satisfied their desire by providing meat sending limitless quails into their camp. He is a good Father!  He will wipe away your tears when you keep wondering of how to come out of your trouble.  Just go to Him.  He will satisfy you with the richest blessing. He is near to all those call Him with trust and to all who are broken-hearted.
God will do such a miracle for you too.  May be in the last few years, you would have faced hindrances to progress in your business or in your work-spot.  Do not be disheartened. God will restore your loss in a thousand-fold manner according to the verse, “The Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times” (Deuteronomy 1:11).  You will enjoy the work of your hands. You will see the blessing hand of Jesus hovering over your work.  New doors would open for you and He will lead you in profitable ways.  As per His word, you will harvest thousand-fold blessings.

A Prayer for Today
Dear Father in Heaven,
I thank You for instilling hope through this message.  I believe that You are the good Father who supplies all my needs.  I know that You love to bless me abundantly.  I bring all my lacks before You.  Fill me with your blessings and increase me financially.  Bless me to lend to others and not to borrow from others.  I receive this thousand-fold blessing by faith.  In Jesus’ name I receive Your blessings and pray, Amen.

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