Monday, June 1, 2020

With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation. Psalm 91:16

The promise for today assures, “With long life I will satisfy him, and show him My salvation” (Psalm 91:16). This promise unveils the infinite love of God, His boundless desires and limitless gratifications for you.  Why does He want you to have a long life? God loves you to become more like Him in every way on this earth and He loves to see you enjoy all that He has for you.  He is much pleased in showing His overflowing glory in every part of your life.  Therefore, for this reason, He sent His only son Jesus to die on the Cross at a very young age of 33, so that you would live long on this earth!

Many people accepted Jesus and started to trust Him during the World War II. One was an Englishman who was held in a German prison camp for a long period of time. One day he read Psalm 91.  Then he prayed, “Father in Heaven, I see all these men dying around me, one after the other. Will I also have to die here? I am still young and I very much want to work in Your kingdom here on earth.”  The Lord spoke in his heart, “Believe what you have read just now and go home.” Trusting in the Lord, he got up and walked into the corridor toward the gate. A guard called out, “Prisoner, where are you going?”  “I am under the protection of the Most High,” he replied. The guard came to attention and let him pass, for Adolf Hitler was known as “The Most High” during those times! Again at the next gate, he met with a group of guards. They commanded him to stop and asked where he was going.  “I am under the protection of the Most High.” All the guards stood at attention as he walked out the gate.  The English officer made his way through the German countryside and eventually reached England, where he told how he had made his escape. 

Is that now awesome!? Our God leads His children wonderfully.  His wisdom surpasses everything! Beloved, come under the protection of the Most High. He will keep you away from evil and harm. You will feel His guidance all through the day and night.

A Prayer for Today
Dear heavenly Father, You are the Most High God.  I believe that You protect Your children under Your mighty shadow from the heat of the world’s dangers and sudden attacks. I believe that my long life on this earth with divine health is Your desire.  Help me never to slide away from Your protecting hands.  I claim and receive the blessing of long and a useful life, fulfilling Your purpose fully on this earth. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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