Friday, June 26, 2020

Is a candle brought to be put under a… bed? (Mark 4:21)
Christ wants His followers to let their light shine. He does not want them to hide it away, but to hold it where it will brighten the world. We are to be the world’s light, to lighten the darkness. Goodness is light. Kindness is light. Christ himself is the Light of the world, and all who love Him become little lights which He kindles, and which shine with something of His brightness. He wishes us to be like lamps, our light shining wherever we are. Grace begins in the heart in small and quiet ways, but grows in beauty, strength, and usefulness. The little leaven hidden in the lump works out till all is leavened. Jesus is Master over the waves and winds. The wild storm had no terror for Him. He slept through it all because the peace of God was in His heart. When He was wakened He quieted the wind and stilled the waves by a word. We need not be afraid in any storm, for Christ can control it and can keep us from being hurt by it.

Prayer for Today
Yes father you are the light for this world & we are your children; let we reflect your light around everywhere. Give us that wisdom that we read & follow the holy word & that word reveals from our deeds. Choose us to bring light in this world through you & let your light shine throughout lives. Amen.

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