Friday, July 03, 2020

Your loving kindness is better than life.  (Psalm 63:3)

Take a moment to think of God’s goodness. His steadfast love for you is better than life and let your lips praise Him. Just praise Him for His mercy, grace, longsuffering, and forgiveness. Lift up a banner of praise.

Psalm 63, written at a challenging time in David’s life was when he was fleeing the revolt of his son Absalom. In the midst of the despair he had experienced, David still flooded with God’s presence and his conscious mind says, “God is good”.  Yes! He was lifting up praises to God. This Psalm was his personal declaration of confidence that God who had delivered him countless times in the past, would deliver him yet again.  Loving kindness, is a mixture of God’s mercy, love, favour and special blessings all wrapped up together for the sake of those who trust in him.  How is this loving kindness better than life? From the moment you become the child of God, you have made an everlasting covenant with God through the Lord Jesus. It is this loving kindness of the Lord, which rebukes your enemies to stumble and fall.  His protection and provision on this earth for you and a promised eternity are more than enough to appreciate His loving kindness.

Friends, do not be afraid. This loving kindness of God has surrounded you even now. If the attacks in your life are unbearable, remember that His loving kindness is an abundant supply that would bring all good things into your life so that your joy would be to the full measure.  Press on.  Hold on to your hope. Know that you are safe in the stable hands of Jesus who loves you so much.

A Prayer for Today
Dear Father, I thank You for saving me from eternal damnation.  As the child of a majestic God, I believe that in surplus I am blessed with Your loving kindness.  I live, breathe and move in Your presence.  I can feel your protection from the snare of the enemies. Thank You for supplying me with every good thing that flows from the cross.  I believe that even now You are at work in my life to embellish me with another level of glory.  Help me to stay focused on You.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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