Monday, July 06, 2020
“He raised us up together with Him…that He might clearly demonstrate through the ages to come the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of His free grace (His unmerited favour)…” (Ephesians 2:6-7)

Sometimes we think so small. We limit our possibilities and potential. When God sees you, He sees all your potential. God knows what you’re capable of. His grace and favour in your life enable you to become what He sees. But first, you have to open your heart and take the limits off your life.

How do we limit God? We limit God in our thinking. Thoughts of doubt, unbelief and unforgiveness in your heart will close the door to His favour. In Mark 6, it says that Jesus could do no great works in a particular town because of the unbelief of the people. It works the same way today. On the other hand, when you choose thoughts of faith and expectancy, you are opening the door for God to work in your life. You are taking the limits off. You are giving Him the opportunity to multiply what you have in your hand. Choose to take the limits off by choosing His thoughts of victory. Choose thoughts of increase and blessing. As you do, you’ll rise higher and higher and live the abundant life He has prepared for you!

A Prayer for Today
“Father, I choose faith! I choose Your unlimited grace and favour. I choose to believe that You have good things in store for me. You use me for Your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen”

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